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    Tinley Park Divorce Lawyer

    Tinley Park Divorce Lawyer - Best Lawyer Gets Best ResultsIf you are thinking about getting divorced, your spouse has served you with divorce papers, or you have a child custody issue, the Chicago divorce attorneys of Chicago Divorce Group, PLLC have the experience, knowledge, and determination you need to protect your rights.

    Your rights in a divorce or legal separation are important. Do not simply give them up because it is the easier way out. You have only one chance to get it right. You might not even be aware of what rights you have. In a Chicago divorce, you have a right to:

    • Raise your children as you see fit. Commensurate with that right is the ability to have substantial parenting time and help make decisions about your child’s life;
    • Child support if you are the custodial parent of your children;
      Maintenance payments depending on the length of your marriage and other factors;
    • The division of marital property. Marital property has wide-ranging implications than just a bank account and the personalty around the house. Marital property means you have a right to the benefits of retirement accounts of your spouse, intellectual property owned or created by your spouse during your marriage, bank accounts, investment accounts, and joint debt;
    • Retain your personal property;
    • Receive an interest in the real estate owned jointly by the parties;
    • and have health insurance provided by your spouse if you cannot obtain health insurance on your own.

    Enforcing these rights can result in an acrimonious divorce, and the dissolution of a marriage can be a tough time for everyone involved. The divorcing spouses suffer, but the children can experience emotional pain and scarring as well. Some children take the split of their parents well, but others do not. However, the chances are that the more hostile the parties are toward each other, the harder the separation will be to your children. Consequently, reaching an agreement on how to dissolve the marriage and share the rights and responsibilities of raising children may benefit all involved. An agreement can be reached through mediation or traditional lawyer guided negotiation. Either way, filing an agreement is less emotionally disturbing and economically wise than fighting tooth and nail until the bitter end. Unless that is, justice requires a fight.

    If you are unable to reach an agreement, you can ask a judge for relief. A judge will grant a divorce based on irreconcilable differences and then determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties if the parties cannot agree on a resolution themselves. A judge will decide what property should be defined as personal property, including individual debts, and what property should be marital property. The judge will proceed to divide the property and the joint debt equitably.

    The judge will also allocate parenting responsibilities among the parties. The judge could determine that both parents have joint legal custody with shared parenting time. Alternatively, the judge could order that one parent has sole custody of the children and the non-custodial parent share parental responsibilities including parenting time and paying child support.

    The methodology of determining child support in Chicago has changed. Before July 1, 2017, child support orders were a simple math problem, the solution to which was the child support order. Illinois’ new law incorporates the idea of parental responsibility rather than merely paying support. Illinois’ legislative body, and by extension the citizens of the state, express a preference that both parents share parenting duties equitably.

    With all of those rights at risk, you need a staunch advocate as well as a skilled negotiator who understands the problems people face in Chicago divorce proceeding. We have the knowledge, experience, and advocacy skills to help you find justice if your marriage is ending in divorce.

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    Schedule a free attorney consultation today and speak with an experienced family law attorney about the following family law issues. Click through for introductory information prior to your consultation.

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